These folks were great. Could not have been more pleased w. the service. Thoughtful, friendly, efficient, and provided help and support needed to rule out bed bugs in our place when we heard there had been cases in our building in Park Slope. Very highly recommend them to anyone. Hercules and the human team are terrific! Very highly recommended to anyone even slightly worried about the dreaded bed bugs. — Donna L.

I am a nurse, and I visit most clients in their homes as part of my job. Because of the constant ins and outs of different people’ s homes, I’ve dreaded the thought of what I could be bringing into my own home. I became tired of worrying, so I called up this company to see If they could check my house for bugs. I got an appointment for the next day. The dog was on point. It went right to work, sniffing around every corner of the house. The staff was professional, discrete,and friendly. They found no pests, and I was very impressed! I have hired them to check my home periodically because I have no doubt that they know what they’re doing. Those guys get 5 stars from me. Highly recommended! — Sharma P.

Eda, Fiona and Hercules are, quite simply, fantastic. We found a bug and brought it to an exterminator, and it was a positive ID. They helped us sift through all the fear mongering and mis-information out there to gain a real perspective and most importantly, help us cope. — Mary

My husband had several bites on his legs that we couldn’t explain and seemed to resemble the pictures we saw of bed bugs. We cleaned as best we could but even though 3 weeks had passed since being bit, we couldn’t stand worrying that we might have the beginning of an infestation. We had heard of Fiona and her business and contacted her. After a very clear explanation of how to prepare for our small apt. to be inspected Fiona brought Hercules over to check our space. Hercules never barked, just did his job meticulously, sniffing where he was lead to on his leash. Lucky us!!! Hercules didn’t find anything and we were assured that if we had them, they were gone after our cleaning. Thanks to the excellent training of Hercules we are relieved! — Walter M.

My neighbors had bedbugs and I felt obligated to let one of them stay in my house – we were all super freaked out of course and very very careful but still I was anxious that some had piggybacked along with her minimal belongings. So I was thrilled to get a clean bill of health from the Detectives! That was about two months ago, so I’m confident that they were absolutely right! They were so helpful and gave my neighbors good advice too. — Vanessa R.

My household and I have struggled off and on with bed bugs for the past 18 months. It has truly been horrific. Extermination has been frequent and frustrating, often seeming like a choice between noxious chemicals and these awful bugs. We had seen no sign of them for several months, but recently became concerned that they had returned. A colleague of mine recommended Bed Bugs Detectives and Advisors. Fiona and Mary (the humans) and Hercules and Archie (the dogs) came to inspect our apartment last Friday morning. We had been given detailed but simple instructions for preparing the apartment for the inspection.Also, as soon as they arrived, they took a full, detailed report of our history with the bugs, and explained what the dogs would be doing and how they worked. Fiona and Mary immediately came across as professional, sympathetic, and competent. Both dogs carefully and slowly inspected the apartment, and afterwards we were allowed to meet them. The whole thing took about as much time as a thorough extermination visit, but it felt much less invasive and so much more precise and personal. I would highly recommend Bed Bug Detectives and Advisors in any struggle with this disgusting and seemingly ubiquitous New York pest. The best news being that we are currently (and hopefully permanently!) free of them. — Charlie S.

We recently had a bed bug alarm on the top floor of our apartment. We invited the dog detectives to find out if the bugs had spread to any of the other floors before spraying. To be quite honest, I wasn’t quite sure if dogs detecting bed bugs would even work. I couldn’t imagine how it was possible. But when Mary and Fiona came over with their two adorable Beagles, I changed my opinion at once. First of all, they were very friendly, understanding of our worries and they took their time to explain everything. They told us about the training of their dogs which thereby convinced me of the effectiveness of them. They also explained to us how we could prevent further bed bug issues and how to best deal with the situation.         — Anna-Maria J.

The owners responded immediately to my request for an inspection and gave me some suggestions to make the process go smoothly. I met Fiona and was reassured by her knowledge and friendliness and felt good that I could get help if I needed it after the inspection. The dogs were easy to have in the house; in fact, the whole process was easy, which helped ease my stress. It was fascinating to see how focused the dogs were – very systematic and thorough for the time I observed them. One way I saw that the dogs were reliable is that Fiona placed one “test-tube” completely encapsulated bedbug in a hiding place in the house. Both dogs found it , no trouble. I highly recommend the Detectives, was very pleased with Fiona and the dogs. –Laurie K.

I own a four story house in Brooklyn and have multiple roommates, and I also have a hand in apartments nearby where international students and interns spend a few months or longer. We’ve had bedbugs that were spread by people having friends to stay or moving back and forth between the different locations (though as far as we can tell they originated from other apartments). It was always a very panicky situation, and the BBDs have been the best! They have been able to locate even the most minor spreading so that the exterminators could really obliterate the problem. On at least one occasion it was surprising that the bugs had gotten as for as they did! On another occasion it was so reassuring to know that our suspicions were completely unfounded. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about their services! — Nilda R.

They came to see us at extremely short notice on a holiday weekend. They are highly professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Thankfully, we did not have bedbugs! They gave our space a thorough exam with two separate (and adorable) sniffer beagles. I definitely recommend this company if you think you have a bedbug problem. — Vanessa N.

I think i can safely speak on behalf of most that bed bugs are traumatic (whether it be a scare or the Real thing). There is a particular personality and expertise that must come with an individual dealing with this sort. Fiona and her gang have absolutely hit the mark.My roommate and I had attempted to master the situation on our own for about a month. We found a single bug but continued to get bites and could not find the culprits. After 3 chemical treatments and still getting bites, we finally decided to move (we also discovered that it was systemic issue and other apartments where dealing with them too), this is where Fiona came in. She was incredibly knowledgeable and calming during this chaotic transition. She took the time out of her busy schedule to offer us guidance on how we may safely move our things without further infestation.  She gave practical tips that I didn’t know existed and recommended products that she’s personally researched. She rented a Packtite to us to treat none clothing items. Once we moved, she came by with her dogs to inspect our the new place (we are deemed bed bug free!) and is scheduled to return again in a week or so after we are settled. With all of this uncertainty and craziness that bed bugs brought us, Fiona’s calm disposition and astute problem solving skills have been just what we’ve needed to rest with ease. I highly recommend Bed Bug Detectives and Advisors for ALL your bed bug quandaries!    — Raina M.

Fiona and her dogs totally saved the day for me! I had a kid with bites yet no other signs of bugs anywhere in my house. I wasn’t really sure wether it was bed bugs, and if it was were they everywhere, or in just one room, and mostly I wasn’t sure what to do. I called an exterminator and they said it would be $3000 and that I had to treat my whole house. I called Bed Bug Detectives as my second opinion and I’m so glad I did. The dogs confirmed that I did have bed bugs! They also confirmed that the bugs were in just two rooms. This was a huge discovery, saving me thousands of dollars in the extermination process! The piece of mind I got from Fiona and her dogs was well worth it! Fiona is super knowledgeable, really kind, and really helpful at a scary time. I would highly recommend them. Thanks Bed Bug Detectives! You saved the day- and a lot of cash too! –Amy G.

First of all, Fiona, Archie and the rest of her team at Bed Bug Detectives and Advisers are AMAZING! I can confidently say that we are now Bed Bug FREE at my home. I remember contacting Fiona and describing to her what I thought were bed bugs bites on my son’s body and they were possibly in his room. Later that same day, she called me back to see how I was doing and asked if I had additional questions for her. Of course, I called her several times, as questions popped into my head. She never made me feel like I was bothering her during my calls. She was so calm and patient on the phone each time. She was very discreet when calling me back at my office – knowing that it was sensitive situation that I was dealing with at home and others in my office might look at me strangely if they knew I potentially had bed bugs at home. She was so accommodating that she squeezed me in her tight schedule and was at my home the following morning. One of her dog detectives, Archie went to each room and there were indeed bed bugs in my son’s room. She reassured me that she can help get rid of them. Fiona recommended a spray and mattress encasement which she later hand-delivered to my office in Park Slope. Once again, she was very professional and discreet about the situation at home. She recommended an amazing team of exterminators. I would highly recommend her to anyone. — Lisa W.

Wanted to give a big shout out to Fiona and Daniel for being so extremely helpful for us during our Bed Bug Saga. We’ve received so much help, guidance, and assistance through our journey and wouldn’t have known what to do with out them. It’s a challenging experience ((beyond challenging)) to deal with Bed Bugs, but having people and a pup so willing to help and make sure we get things settled has been so relieving and incredible. If you’re looking for a reliable and truly kind Bed Bug experts who know how to get the job done don’t look any further. — Gina N.

We own a co-op in Long Island City, and when we found that we might have bed bugs, we asked around for help. We found BBD&A. They were professional and fair priced. They found that we did, in fact, have bed bugs and with their help, we are bed bug free! I recommend them highly.      — Jeremy F.

As someone who travels for work lots, I worry about bringing ‘uninvited guests’ home with me. As a journalist and filmmaker, I often end up in places that have a lot of different types of people passing through, from odd hotels to theatres and airports, trains and buses. So when I started scratching after finally coming home from a trip to my own little bed, I got worried. I couldn’t see any sign of bloodsuckers, but I was having a reaction and didn’t want to face an infestation. Someone recommended Bed Bug Detectives and Advisors to me so I thought I’d give ’em a call. They responded promptly and were really helpful on the phone. They came when they said they would and brought this amazing dog that tore through my apartment and definitely smelled something on one side of the bed. I was amazed that the scent detection thing could be so specific, but BAM! He really found one spot that was different from everywhere else in the place. The handler was great and told me I definitely had bed bugs and then calmly discussed all different options for dealing with the problem. By calling them quickly, it was pretty contained and I was able to deal with it quickly and affordably. They don’t do any pest control, so they have no incentive to “upsell” you. But boy do they find bugs! I can’t thank those guys enough for helping nip my pandemic in the bud. No stigma, no judgments, just calm clear information. And because I don’t want to EVER go though this again, I’ve got them coming on a bi-monthly basis, just to check for the suckie-creepers in my house and on my bags and gear cases. — Daniel B.

I have nothing but praise and extreme gratitude for Bed Bug Detectives & Advisors. The whole team went above and beyond to support and advise me through this unpleasant experience. Thank you so very much! — Justine W.

BBDAdvisors were most professional and helpful in an extremely stressful situation. Their thorough evaluation of our infestation aided by their wonderfully trained scent dogs, the referral to the best exterminator in the city and the follow-up visits that gave us the all-clear gave me peace of mind in what could have been a nightmare experience. I can’t praise them enough! — Beth P.

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Bed Bug Detectives & Advisors. I have a large Park Slope apartment that I happily share with roommates and had several move in/out recently. I wanted to be sure no one was bringing in any BB and put new roommates at ease that our place was BB free. Fiona and Hercules were amazing ……. friendly, professional and incredibly thorough and I could not have been more pleased with them. Having a certificate that we were BB free gave departing and arriving roomies (and me!) tremendous peace of mind and I recommend Bed Bug Detectives & Advisors to other house/apartment sharers whole heartedly! — Donna L.

The Bed Bug Detectives and Advisors are consummate professionals — conscientious, smart, and dedicated women. With the acute noses of their dogs and their expert advice, they helped us to eradicate bedbugs from our possessions despite an uncooperative landlord. When we moved apartments and were worried about taking any lingering bedbug eggs with us, they proposed a detailed plan of action through which we were able to make sure that this did not happen. All along, I felt I was in very good hands with them. –Ellen L.

I had a bed bug scare a year ago. It turned out to be a false alarm but at the time I didn’t know it and had to steam all the beds, furniture, carpets, everything in my apartment and wash and dry every article of clothing I had. It was a real drag. I asked the exterminators if there was any way to prevent bed bugs and they said not really but now with Bed Bug Detectives & Advisors, I can know the status of the building anytime I want and be able to catch a problem early when it is so much easier to resolve. I have Hercules come twice a year and the peace of mind knowing that I don’t have them is priceless. Bed Bug Detective’s staff is courteous and professional. Checking an entire apartment only takes about 15 minutes and it is worth every penny. Thank you, Bed Bug Detectives & Advisors! — Vivian C.

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