Real Estate and Property

Our clients are brokers & landlords, property & business managers, as well as homeowners & tenants.

We protect peace of mind and relationships by protecting the people most important to you – friends & family, colleagues, and customers. And in doing so, we also protect your property. We will certify your bed bug free location!

Brokers, Attorneys, Buyers & Sellers
A thorough inspection by our highly trained and certified canine teams, along with our detailed reporting will let you close the deal faster and with total confidence. Bed Bug Detective & Advisors’ Certificate of Clean Inspection program meets the needs of all parties involved in the sale by providing the assurance buyers want and the state requires.
Note this NY Times article on the importance of bed bug inspections for current real estate sales.

Property Managers & Landlords
Studies have shown that less than 20% of tenants report bed bug infestations to management. (HUD 2nd National Bed Bug Summit, February 01, 2011) This unreported reservoir population makes successful beg bug control very difficult. Bed Bug Detective & Advisors’ Monitoring Program accurately identifies the extent of a bed bug infestation. If you are a building manager interested in containing pest management costs, we can help you. And our certification and monitoring ensures proper completion of these types of required forms.

Homeowners & Tenants
Whether you rent or own, have a co-op, condo, or house, you could be living with bed bugs. Bed Bug Detective & Advisors provides peace of mind. We will inspect your current home or the one you are moving to, as well as the moving van, so you can rest easy, knowing you are bed bug free. Note this segment from Dateline NBC.

Detection and monitoring

We offer one-time detection and custom on-going monitoring programs to clients in NYC and the tri-state area. Our aim is to help you maintain the lifestyle you love. Our detailed reports build confidence so that you are free of worry to visit neighbors, welcome home kids on break from the dorm, entertain customers, or keep office employees working comfortably.

NESDCA-certified teams

Our detailed reports build confidence, so that you, and the people most important to you, are confident the surroundings are free of bed bugs. And we save you time and money with proven solutions and provide certification that you're bed bug free! We are insured, independent of exterminators, and knowledgeable about safe and unsafe practices. Contact us today.