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They bug anyone

It was terrific to hear the warm welcome given at the February 1, 2011 bed bug summit by Bob Perciasepe, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Here’s the story.

As first speaker and the highest ranking EPA administrator in attendance, Bob opened with a personal story. He spoke of being fortunate to live in a Brooklyn Heights brownstone that he and his family treasure. Five years back his daughter was in the routine of returning home on college breaks. He never imagined then that he would be addressing the audience with his own bed bug story.

The typical symptoms of the bug started to appear but they weren’t sure what it meant. Within a few weeks it was clear they needed help. And then it was determined that they had come home with his daughter and her friends straight from the dorm. As family and friends realized what was going on, emotions ran high. Spend lots of money to get rid of them. That’s what they did. And then what? Tell the daughter she can’t come home with a suitcase and friends? Sell the house and meet up out west to ski on breaks? Those thoughts come to mind all too often. It’s just the nature of the bug. A great moment for me and fiona in realizing that our company will help keep down the use of pesticide and keep up the quality of life for our clients and their families.

Bed bugs? Really?! Yes and here’s why.

Bed bugs. They are one tough creature!! After 15+ years in consumer services focused on loyalty, I was amazed to see NYC’s problem increasing dramatically year over year and concerned with the impact on what it meant for everyone. Teams working at their offices, retail shops, restaurants, and more. And their customers. I had them in my co-op almost seven years back before the NYC Bed Bug Advisory Board or US EPA reports were needed on the case. The source in my case was most likely my sister visiting from somewhere in the world where she taught English. And it was stressful for everyone. But I was traveling too. Who knows it may have been a descendant of a bug that once bugged a Pilgrim in a fishing village.

My professional passion and experience is to grow ventures in dining & hospitality, the arts, and consumer services. Indeed support and contribution to other ventures is also on the horizon. With Bed Bug Detectives & Advisors we set a footprint in Gotham as a team helping other teams and their customers to live clear of the bed bug at home, at work, at boutiques, at the gym, and where they play. Let’s get to the movies, let’s go out and play!

Detection and monitoring

We offer one-time detection and custom on-going monitoring programs to clients in NYC and the tri-state area. Our aim is to help you maintain the lifestyle you love. Our detailed reports build confidence so that you are free of worry to visit neighbors, welcome home kids on break from the dorm, entertain customers, or keep office employees working comfortably.

NESDCA-certified teams

Our detailed reports build confidence, so that you, and the people most important to you, are confident the surroundings are free of bed bugs. And we save you time and money with proven solutions and provide certification that you're bed bug free! We are insured, independent of exterminators, and knowledgeable about safe and unsafe practices. Contact us today.