The 1, 2, 3’s to Bed Bug management.

Posted by: on October 13, 2014

While canine scent detection is becoming almost routine at the theater, office and in hotels, the use of dogs for residential pest control is definitely a rising trend. What need is there to bring in a scent detection team when you spot a bed bug on your pillow or couch? Three great reasons: Peace of mind, verification, and it’s economical.


1. Confirmation: It is prudent to handle pest control problems with an expert. While it is common to use Google to find answers to basic questions, eventually you will need to talk to an expert in pest control about your bed bug concerns to ensure whatever your plan is to eliminate bed bugs is safe and efficient. Most reputable companies offer a free phone consultation.


2. Peace of Mind: Is what you found crawling on your pillow a bed bug? Are you sure that mosquito bite came from a mosquito? A newcomer battling bed bugs may call for an exterminator right away and fumigate their home. But what if all that time, after packing and waiting for the chemicals to clear out that you never had bed bugs in the beginning? Trained scent detection dogs are proven to have a very high accuracy rate. Even if bed bugs were spotted in one area of the house/office space, a canine bed bug detection service will check the entire living or work space to ensure the area is clean of bed bugs, or not.


3. Economical: What happens after the canine scent detection service is completed? Perhaps you know for certain that an exterminator is needed. If so, you know where the hotspots are. But if you don’t have bed bugs, congratulations, that’s money and hassle saved.


So if you are losing sleep and worrying about the possibilities of a growing bed bug infestation in your home or office, don’t panic! Call in a professional detection service.

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