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If case you locked yourself inside your apartment for the past few months and refuse to enjoy all forms of media, you may have heard of our subway trains being infested by bed bugs. What are bed bugs?:

The creepy crawlers that suck your blood when you least expect it.

That is just an unnecessary issue on top of train delays, obnoxious pop-up entertainers, and crowded trains.

Since last Wednesday, Sept. 3, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has taken three R trains out of service after receiving reports of bedbugs on board.
In addition to the R line, the bloodsuckers have been spotted on the A, L, N, Q, and 3,4,5 and 6 lines.

What the MTA is doing now, spokesman Kevin Ortiz says the agency would not change its course. “We continue to follow the same protocol,” Ortiz said. “Once we receive a report of a sighting, the train is taken out of service and inspected. In most cases, the car is then treated, even in cases where no bugs are found.”

The MTA confirmed that it fumigated 16 trains after bedbugs were found on board last month. “Regular fumigation of cars would be a waste of time and resources considering we have not discovered an infestation anywhere in the system, and fumigating would only be as good as the next time a person walks into the system carrying a bug,” Ortiz said.

The MTA does some checks are done visually, but the MTA brings sometimes in a pest control service that uses a bug-detecting dog.

Bed bugs are a thing that shouldn’t be taking likely. If you feel there may be bed bugs, Call an inspector and get it sorted out.

Report cited for blog from Peter Donohue/ New York Daily Times

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