Good Day True Believers

Posted by: on September 13, 2014

Good day New York,

The summer air is hitting its last leg. Humidity is here. And while we live in this awesome city, we must not forget how simple it is to contract weird bumps/ bites on our skin in the morning. Before we hit another year of our lives, be mindful of DIY tips to prevent unexpected visitors from your trip back home; your home that you are subletting for the summer, kids coming home from school, and of course, shopping for clothes.

Traveling is one way of coming to contact with bed bugs. It is hard to determine where bed bugs like to live. They could be on the cushions in the doctor’s office, hiding under the seats in the trains, maybe in the people we come into contact on any given day. Hotels are a big concern since bed bugs can live off months without feeding, they will not go away because their current nest is not providing meals consistently. Warm temperatures of about 70-80 Fahrenheit are best for them add humidity to the mix, and it’s paradise.

Homes can be immediate in the lives of bed bugs to flourish; the biggest concern in case of infestation. Their bites are usually in a pattern on a small area on part{s} of the body. Bed bugs commonly reside in cracks in the wallpaper, cracks and crevices associated with the bed frame and mattress. Other sites where bedbugs often reside include curtains, edges of carpet, corners inside dressers and other furniture. and inside the spaces of wicker furniture. Much like mosquitoes, they love to chomp down when you are sleeping. Evidence of this may be blood trails on the sheets, particles of their skin that have been shed on the sheets, the bite itself causes a raised bump.

Clothing can be trickier to determine if they is a bed bug hiding in the seams. It may seem a hassle to drop in the dryer on high heat for forty minutes, but that is what it takes to eliminate possible bed bug bites. There’s no place where bed bugs won’t go: department stores, thrift shops, vintage and high-end stores. Better to be safe than sorry.

Living in New York City is a preferred space for bed bugs; small-enclosed spaces are perfect for them to transfer from place to place, person to person. Remember to do these following steps to ensure you a fighting chance against the bed bug army.

1. Set dryer to the highest setting for forty minutes to burn off any bugs/larva/eggs.
2. Vacuum mattresses; couch cushions, and areas where bites are happening.
3. Avoid infested areas, best way to not get bed bugs—don’t be an easy target. Stay away from areas that may look dirty and damp.
4. Invest in a mattress protector and box spring encasement.

In the event you feel you have bed bugs, call an inspector to verify your claims. No use getting an exterminator for a false alarm.

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