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What bit you?

As a small business person, I confess to the myriad of tasks that have drawn me away from the wonders of the blog. Here to get back to the page with renewed commitment and gratitude to our many clients for their confidence in our teams.

For this entry, I give a nod to my friend who is an allergy expert & aficiando, I send along this slideshow. The images are particularly good at narrowing down what is NOT a bed bug bite. However the bed bug bite picture does not do justice to many who have stronger allergic reactions to the bug’s powerful anesthetic. Still the comparison is worth a look and so providing it here to our readers.

Also worth a mention since it appeared in the media in recent weeks: a Canadian study on MRSA & bed bugs has yet to be put to the peer review test. Will write more about that soon especially with our healthcare clients top of mind.

Detection and monitoring

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